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In the Pacific this April, the US Navy guided-missile destroyer USS McCampbell, furthest from camera, underway alongside the Republic of Korea Ulsan Class frigate ROKS Seoul during a passing exercise. The American warship recently intercepted a suspect North Korean vessel. Photo: US Navy.

News Digest July 2011

VIETNAM VERSUS CHINA FACE-OFF STOKES SOUTH CHINA SEA TENSION Conflicting claims over rights to certain waters are creating a face-off between China and Vietnam, with the latter’s decision in mid-June to hold what it termed a ‘routine’ live fire naval exercise the former considered provocative. It took place 25 miles off central Quang Nam province, an area, which was previously believed to be still well outside any disputed region. The exercise consisted of ...

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Libya News Digest

An Army Air Corps Apache attack helicopter launches a Hellfire missile while flying from HMS Ocean. The UK assault carrier is now off Libya. Photo: UK MoD.

LIBYAN SEA WAR EXPLODES • Carrier-based Attack Helicopter Strikes • Canadian warship attacked with rockets • Gaddafi Sends IEDs to sea off Misrata • British and Canadian Frigates in Gun Fight • Mines Cleared • ...

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The Royal Danish Navy’s Helicopter Service has transferred to the Royal Danish Air Force and renamed as squadron ESK 723. Together with the RDAF’s Merlin Search and Rescue (SAR) squadron ...

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Further evidence of China’s determination to achieve strike carrier status for its navy allegedly emerged last month when it was revealed that an extraordinary carrier simulator had been constructed from ...

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India is planning to buy 21 Boeing AGM-84LS Harpoon II Anti-Ship Missiles (ASM), and related equipment that includes five training missiles. They are for its future fleet of Boeing P-8I ...

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A new Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (START) between the United States of America and Russia was due to take effect from February 5, with each nation entitled within 60 days to make short ...

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