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News Digest from the March 2012 Edition

RAN BOSS ENTERS ‘SEA BLIND’ DEBATE Vice Admiral Ray Griggs addressed the challenge of connecting the Australian general population to the sea, and also important challenges in modernising the Australian fleet during his keynote speech to the latest Sea Power Conference in Sydney. The largest ever event of its kind hosted by the Royal Australian Navy (RAN), the event attracted more than 1,000 delegates from 35 countries, with Vice Admiral Griggs hosting close to 50 flag-rank ...

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News Digest December 2011

TEHRAN TO CREATE ‘STRIKE CARRIERS’ Iran is reportedly intending to design and build aircraft carriers. An Iranian newspaper has quoted Deputy Navy Commander Captain Mansour Maqsoudlou expressing his fleet’...

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News Digest September 2011

UK WARSHIP OPENS FIRE IN GULF A Royal Navy warship was forced to fire warning shots across the bows of a high-speed craft that was acting in a menacing ...

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News Digest August 2011

NORTH KOREA STILL POSES CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER The uniformed head of the American armed forces has warned that North Korea has showed no signs of either giving up ...

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News Digest July 2011

In the Pacific this April, the US Navy guided-missile destroyer USS McCampbell, furthest from camera, underway alongside the Republic of Korea Ulsan Class frigate ROKS Seoul during a passing exercise. The American warship recently intercepted a suspect North Korean vessel. Photo: US Navy.

VIETNAM VERSUS CHINA FACE-OFF STOKES SOUTH CHINA SEA TENSION Conflicting claims over rights to certain waters are creating a face-off between China and Vietnam, with the latter’s decision ...

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