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News Digest from June 2012 Edition

IRANIANS THREATEN TO SINK USN CARRIERS Iran’s bluster has risen to new heights, with its military officers claiming they could sink or destroy an American carrier in the Gulf and even send naval forces to threaten the USA if need be. The latest statements came amid ongoing international concern over Tehran’s alleged pursuit of nuclear weapons. The commander of the Iranian Air Force, Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, claimed: “It is ...

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News Digest from the March 2012 Edition

RAN BOSS ENTERS ‘SEA BLIND’ DEBATE Vice Admiral Ray Griggs addressed the challenge of connecting the Australian general population to the sea, and also important challenges in modernising the ...

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News Digest December 2011

TEHRAN TO CREATE ‘STRIKE CARRIERS’ Iran is reportedly intending to design and build aircraft carriers. An Iranian newspaper has quoted Deputy Navy Commander Captain Mansour Maqsoudlou expressing his fleet’...

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