No. 279 May 2018

May 2018

Front cover

The Royal Navy hunter-killer submarine HMS Trenchant after surfacing in the Beaufort Sea during ICEX 2018.

Photo by Micheal H. Lee/US Navy.


Our 20th Anniversary Edition


The US Navy attack submarine USS John Warner during Dynamic Manta 2018. Photo: NATO MARCOM.

  • REPORT FROM EXERCISE DYNAMIC MANTA 2018 – How NATO is seeking to stay on the cutting edge in ASW & interview with the boss of NATO submarines.
  • ‘BACK TO THE FUTURE’ TEAM LEANDER – An old name is revived to win the Type 31e contract.
  • BLACK SEA NEWS FOCUS – Including Romania’s bid to revive its submarine arm.



The Russian Navy nuclear-powered battlecruiser Peter the Great. Photo: Norwegian Armed Forces

  • ODIN’s EYE – As Putin’s ‘5th Empire’ exploits the commons of the sea will European NATO pick up the gauntlet?
  • SUBMARINES ARE THE ANSWER – The UK should regularly send SSNs into the High North in response to Kremlin transgressions.
  • USA SEIZES WRONG END OF THE STICK –  America’s new nuclear posture misunderstands Russia.
  • TIME FOR TAKEOVER AGAIN? – Should the UK Fleet Air Arm yield its jet squadrons to the RAF?
  • BRITISH FLEET’S HOUSE OF CARDS – Under-funding is threatening a collapse.



A Russian submarine test fires a Bulava nuclear-tipped missile. Image: Russian defence ministry.

  • PUTIN’S WONDER WEAPONS – How much of a threat does Moscow’s new arsenal pose?
  • SURFACE WARSHIPS TO FORM STRIKE FORCE – The strategic context of Russia’s naval regeneration.
  • MOSCOW TAKES ANOTHER JUMP JET LEAP – The Russian Navy is developing a new strike aircraft.



A Grumman Wildcat fighter that went down In the USS Lexington. Image: Courtesy Paul G. Allen.

  • REFITTING HMCS SACKVILLE – Words and pics on work to keep a WW2 veteran warship in fine fettle.
  • LAST RESTING PLACE OF ‘LADY LEX’ – The wreck of the legendary USS Lexington is found.

* New titles on British WW2 destroyers in action.
* The memoirs of an undersea Cold War warrior.
* Pacific conflict histories.
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