For each edition of Warships IFR I have to gather in and then edit down dozens, if not hundreds, of images to end up with the 70 – 90 images we use in each one (plus a cover shot). For my sins, in addition to being the Editor of Warships IFR, I am also the picture editor. I have, of course, learned to appreciate fine imagery by working with some excellent press photographers plus also naval ‘phots’ around the world, though even as a lad I like to think I had a good eye for an appealing visual.

This stage of the magazine entails pondering how to fit so much good stuff in. Sometimes the need to match, and enhance, the words dictates what makes the final cut, while at other times it is the pic at the helm. Here are some images that have emerged from navies in recent days that may or may not make it, but which have caught my eye.

US Navy SEALS participating in surf immersion during Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) training at Naval Special Warfare Center, Coronado, California. Photo: N. Anthony Walker/ U.S. Navy

Aboard one of HMAS Adelaide’s landing craft, off the coast of Queensland, sailors conduct aviation rescue training with an MRH-90 helicopter. Photo: LSIS Shane Cameron/ Royal Australian Navy


Caribbean VE-Day 75 salute: UK services personnel aboard Royal Fleet Auxiliary vessel RFA Argus remember forebears who served #WW2 Photo by LPhot Rory Arnold/ Royal Navy

The sharp end of an Australian navy Offshore Patrol Vessel currently under construction. Two halves of 1st in class, Arafura – built by Luerssen Australia & partner ASC – being brought together & welded to form a complete hull. Image: Australian defence ministry.

The latest image from joint US Navy and RoyalNavy patrol in the Arctic, off Russia: Here we have the destroyer USS Porter, front, frigate HMS Kent (F78), support ship USNS Supply (T-AOE 6) & destroyer USS Roosevelt. Photo: Dan Rosenbaum/RN.

Seafarers UK

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