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In The Next Issue Of WARSHIPS IFR Magazine


  • UK & USA TO ABANDON NATO NORTHERN FLANK? – With claims of cuts to the UK’s elite Royal Marines Commandos and a new President describing NATO as ‘obsolete’ there are fears the alliance’s defences in the Arctic are about to be weakened.
  • NAVIES FIGHT LATIN AMERICAN DRUG LORDS – Extensive measures to combat the exportation of illegal narcotics to North America and Europe do not appear to be having the effect desired, but maritime forces are endeavouring to rise to the challenge.
  • COULD IT BE F-35 OR BUST FOR THE ROYAL NAVY? – President Trump has threatened to cull the F-35 Lightning II strike jet, which could leave the US Navy, US Marine Corps and the Royal Navy in a real pickle (not to mention the air forces of several other programme participant nations).
  • CHINA’S TAIWAN STRAIT POWER PLAY – Displeased at the possibility of the USA recognising Taiwan under a new President - and keen to assert its sovereignty claim over the South China Sea - the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) deployed its carrier battle group for a show of force.
  • ITALIAN WARSHIP’S GLOBAL PATROL – Italy has sent its latest Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) frigate on a marathon deployment to potentially attract overseas sales.


Pictured: An F-35B carrying a payload of bombs takes off from a US Navy assault carrier during flight testing. Photo: Lockheed Martin.


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